On the occasion of the school-year closing ceremonies in 2015 and with the aim to help the disadvantaged pupils ensure their study, we continued our scholarships for pupils from different schools in Hoi An, Dien Ban and Da Nang.

Based on the study results, each school had chosen the list of most priority pupils to receive our scholarships. They are either the top pupils of the school or those who have average study result but showing their efforts to overcome their difficulties to study better.

In total, there were 920 pupils that received our scholarships and this also inspired more than 18,000 other pupils from these schools.

Hermann Gmeiner School

On the occasion of the school-year closing ceremony, we presented 100 scholarships to the pupils of this school.

Tran Quang Dieu Primary School

100 scholarships were awarded on 26th May.

Tran Quang Dieu 9

Tran Quang Dieu 2

Le Ngoc Gia Secondary School

We attended the ceremony on 29th May and presented 70 scholarships to the pupils here.



Schools in Hoi An

We coordinated with the Study Promotion Association in Hoi An to organize the presentation ceremony for 290 pupils from 10 schools. On this special occasion, we also had the presence of Mr. Nguyen The Hung – Vice President of Hoi An People’s Committee.



Schools in Dien Ban

Our last destination in this programme is the People’s Committee Hall of Dien Ban District where we gather 360 pupils to receive the scholarships.