In November 2014, we received a letter from Mr. Loc, the father of a month-old child named Gia Huy; in Vietnamese the name means a person who will make the family proud.

Unfortunately, the happiness of the young parents did not last long because Huy was diagnosed with heart disease, and the cost of surgery was beyond their means.



After checking Huy’s health, we contacted Mr. Loc to prepare Huy for transfer to Hue Central Hospital for the operation.

As he was such a tiny baby, we could only rely on the skilled hands of the surgeons at Hue Central Hospital and pray for him every day. And our prayers were answered: the operation was successful and Huy was allowed to go home on 22 December after 47 days of treatment. He will be back for a general check up after a month.

GiaHuy,Oct14- After1

This is such a wonderful Christmas gift for us to know that Mr. Loc and his wife to have their baby back in their arms.