In January 2015, we paid a visit to the 3rd building of Bui Chat primary school in Hoi An which consists of 4 classrooms and they were all in poor conditions. When we got there, we discovered that the desks and chairs were very old. Besides, each pupil had to bring a bottle of water to school as the water source was not clean enough.

Bui chat

We always believe that children deserve a good environment to grow up in. With this in mind, after discussing with the fund members and the head master, we decided to provide this school with 80 sets of new desks and chairs and a clean water system.


They have better desks and chairs now


New clean water system was set up


We also donated 11 sets of computers, projector, 1 sound system and hundreds of books to improve the pupils’ education levels in the classrooms.



The presentation ceremony was successfully held on 30 March with the lovely performances from the kids.