After receiving information about two families who needed assistance to improve their housing conditions, we paid them a visit in July 2014.

Dai An1

Mrs. Do Thi Thanh Van’s house (Before)

The first case was the family of Mrs. Do. She was born in 1952, past the working age and living with her 94 year-old mother, 3 grandchildren (the youngest is 6 and the eldest is 13). Her son is sick and finds it almost impossible to earn a living, so a better house was out of their reach.


Ms. Van’s house (after)


Mr. Eddie visited her house when it was almost completed

The second case is of Mrs. Dao, born in 1957. When we first visited her house, we were astonished to find 11 people living there, the youngest being just 2 years old. From her grandchildren to her sons and daughters, they earn a meager living by selling lottery tickets.

Dai An 2

Mrs. Dao Thi Lan’s house (Before). There are 11 people living in this house



Mrs. Lan’s house (After)

After examining their cases and working with local authorities to ensure the quality of construction work, we were able to sponsor the construction of a new home for both families.