Involving both theoretical and practical knowledge, the kindergarten stage is very important in helping a child to blossom into a confident child. With this in mind, we’ve been implemented many projects to improve study conditions for thousands of kids at kindergartens.

After receiving the letters asking for help, we paid a visit to Dien Duong & Vinh Dien kindergartens in January and February when we discovered that the desks, chairs and wooden beds at these kindergartens were either very old or broken; there were very few toys for kids to learn and play.


In early of March, we had a meeting with the principles to finalize our donations. Then on 10 April, we visited and handed toys and school supplies to the kids at Dien Duong Kindergarten.


On 26 May, the ceremony was successfully held at Vinh Dien kindergarten with the presence of Mr. Edward Smith and the Fund members in which we presented hundreds of uniform, televisions, tables, chairs, wooden beds and toys for kids.