More than 80% of funds raised so far have been invested in education programmes that provide knowledge, skills, and the hope for a brighter future. By 2014, we had awarded scholarships to over 1,000 youngsters who have otherwise quit school. In addition, educational material was supplied to more than 13,000 children. Greater numbers of children will benefit as we extend our services further into other rural areas of Quang Nam province.

These rural areas are in special need of assistance because responsibility falls upon the local community to cover any shortfalls at all levels of the school system. Our contribution to improving access to quality education includes:

  • Infrastructure such as classrooms and playgrounds
  • School equipment such as computers and furniture
  • Scholarships and school supplies
  • Donate

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New classroom at Tien An Kindergarten

On 15 July, we came to the sub-campus of Tien An Kindergarten, Tien Phuoc District to attend the Opening Ceremony of a new classroom.

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Visit Quang Chau Pagoda

Quang Chau, which is chaired by nun Minh Tinh, is a special pagoda in Da Nang where they adopt orphans and abandoned babies, bring them up and give them a chance of education. We came back to this pagoda in June to present school supplies before a new school year.

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Educational supports to schools in Quang Nam

In the first quarter of 2016, we continued to provide educational assistances to 3 schools in Tien Phuoc and Dai Loc District of Quang Nam Province.

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Scholarships for students in Quang Nam

On October 6, a cosy meeting was held at The Nam Hai to present scholarships to our sponsored students for academic year 2015-2016

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Playground at Hoa Tien 2 Primary School

School is not only for children to learn, to explore new ideas but also to socialize with children their age through games and activities. In order to create an interesting study environment for young pupils, we came up with the idea of building a playground at a primary school.

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New School Year Scholarships

A new school year is coming and our scholarships programmes were continued at An Hai Dong Ward and Ngu Hanh Son District in August 2015

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920 scholarships for pupils in Hoi An, Dien Ban District & Da Nang city

On the occasion of the school-year closing ceremonies in 2015 and with the aim to help the disadvantaged pupils ensure their study, we continued our scholarships for pupils from different schools in Hoi An, Dien Ban and Da Nang.

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Dien Duong & Vinh Dien Kindergartens

Involving both theoretical and practical knowledge, the kindergarten stage is very important in helping a child to blossom into a confident child. With this in mind, we implemented a project at Dien Duong and Vinh Dien kindergartens to improve study conditions for hundreds of kids.

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Dai Hung Kindergarten

On 31 March, The Fund members together with Mr. Eddie Smith’s family had visited and presented all school equipment and toys to Dai Hung kindergarten.

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Bui Chat Primary School

On 30 March, we visited Bui Chat Primary school for the Presentation Ceremony and had wonderful time with the pupils there

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