In Quang Nam, there are still many areas with people facing many hardships. In those areas, the schools are barely equipped which causes difficulties in teaching.

This time, we travelled more than 90km to 3 schools in Tien Phuoc and Dai Loc District of Quang Nam. After our inspection in January, we worked with local government and schools principles to have proper supports.



Based on their current conditions, we provided them with teaching aids, computers, books especially bicycles which will help them shorten their time to school.



We were warmly welcomed by all students at the ceremonies on 1st and 4th March.



At these ceremonies, Mr. Edward Smith had a inspiring speech to all students about never giving up to create a better future for themselves.


Pupils raised their hands when being asked if they wanted to travel the world


“I would give away everything I have just to be young like you. Being young is your huge advantage. You have time on your side and there are many things that you can do as long as you believe that everything is possible.” – said Mr. Edward Smith.