Hamlet 1 Kindergarten is a sub-campus of Tien An Kindergarten situated in Tien Phuoc District, 100km away from The Nam Hai where we paid our first visit in January 2015.



Back then this sub-campus only consisted of one classroom for 31 children at different ages. As the main campus is far from their houses, they have no choice but letting the kids study together.

After the discussion with the teaching board and local authority, we came up with a project of building a brand new classroom and kitchen so that the young learners can conveniently stay at school all day.


It finally came to the Opening day on 15th July in delightful spirit. We were warmly welcomed with two lines of little kids and their lovely performances.


To more than 30 children at this isolated kindergarten, a new classroom means so much and they can now welcome more children to this campus. This new class also includes a hygienic water system and wash basin area which surely be conductive to better health for these young children.