A new school year is coming. For many families in the central part of Vietnam, while the children are eager to go back to their schools, their parents have a heavy burden to think about. However, thinking about the importance of education, most of them have tried so hard to make sure their children can go to school despite their daily hardships.


Our educational programmes were created with the same purpose, trying not to let poverty prevent a struggling kid from a quality education.

In August, we contacted with the Education Promotion Association in An Hai Dong Ward and the Department of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs of Ngu Hanh Son District for the list of the most prioritized pupils in these areas.

The first ceremony was successfully held at An Hai Dong People Committee Hall on August 18 where we presented 100 scholarships.

13.18 (3)

Followed by the second ceremony on August 29, another 260 pupils received the scholarship grant.



We can see happiness sparkling in their eyes

Together with the giving of scholarships, we also sent a message to their parents that whatever support they have received, they should use it wisely especially to create a better future for their children.