School is not only for children to learn, to explore new ideas but also to socialize with children their age through games and activities. In order to create an interesting study environment for young pupils, we came up with the idea of building a playground at a primary school.

After our inspections, the chosen school was Hoa Tien 2 in Hoa Vang District (about 30km away from The Nam Hai) with 940 pupils studying. In this project, we cooperated with Kicodo Club from Da Nang University of Architecture for the design and construction.

Hoa Tien


We all were very excited with this project and the design because besides being a place for the kids to gather after schools, with its lively design and decorations, it will also encourage the kids’ creativity and activeness.


Thanks to the supports from the school and the enthusiasm of the club members, the playground was completed timely for the kids to welcome a new school year with joys.


With this new playground, we hope that the kids will be more eager to go to school, having cheery mind and study better.