This is the story of Mrs. Lieu, a heart patient we have sponsored for an operation, and her extraordinary daughter, who is an inspiration to us all.

Mrs. Lieu is the mother of 3 children, and her husband works far from home. In 2013, she was diagnosed with a debilitating heart condition known as stenosis, but her family could not afford the expensive operation fee.

We thought about the life of the children without their mother, the cornerstone of the family, and decided to sponsor her operation.


We believe in the power of love, and when we visited Ms. Lieu to see how she was recovering after her operation, we learned that her second daughter, had amazingly passed the entrance test to not just one but three universities.

In Vietnam, enrolling in a university is a key that opens doors to new opportunities and in October 2014, we extended our support for the family by sponsoring the daughter’s tuition until she completes her studies at university.


Ms. Lieu and her daughter at the Scholarship Presentation Ceremony in October 2014